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Two kidnapped Greece siblings found safe, police department issues AMBER alert cancellation



Greece, NY – New York State Police informs that the two children who were taken from foster home 2 days ago have been found in excellent condition.

This information follows as a result of a police statement on 18 January that two children, Dmitri Cash Jr., 5, and his sister, Shekeria Cash, 3, had been taken from their home.

The incident happened when two masked men entered their home and kidnapped the children, while the mother and the other two children tied them up and duct-taped them together. The police did not provide more information then and only raised an Amber Alert.

The police officials did not give more details and only briefly stated AMBER Alert Cancellation. What is known so far is that the children were found in another state.

The police announced a short press conference for this event, but cautioned that although there are many questions that the public is interested in, they will still not be able to answer them in the interest of the investigation.

Greece Police will hold the press conference at around 8 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.