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Rochester Mayor Warren Releases Statement Regarding The Inauguration Of President Biden And Vice President Harris



“President Biden provided us a hopeful message that we can all share. I join his call that we take a moment to stand in each other’s shoes and understand that every citizen holds a love for America and hope for a brighter future. I heed the President’s call to answer the challenges of our time and prove our nation’s greatness by meeting them together,” said Mayor Warren. “I am also thrilled to see a woman that looks like me, that looks like my mother and daughter, as our new Vice President. Kamala Harris’ rise is proof, as the President said, things can change and get better. I know that Shirley Chisholm is smiling down upon us today. Vice President Harris’ success is an inspiration to not just Black women, but to everyone, that we can build a more just world, a world where we achieve equity for all”