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SUNY waives application fees for two weeks during fall at 64 campuses



Syracuse, New York – For a two-week period ending on Sunday, November 6, the State University of New York (SUNY) will waive application fees at 64 colleges and institutions, enabling potential students to submit free applications to as many as five campuses.

Each candidate might potentially save $250 as a result of removing this early barrier to admission.

On the payment page, the first five campus applications for applicants who use ApplySUNY are automatically waived.

On the Common App, prospective students must apply campus by campus, and select “Yes” to the question: “SUNY is having a free application week. Would you like SUNY to cover your application fee?”

“Waiving application fees provides yet another incentive for prospective students to seek out academic opportunities without the barriers that so often discourage them from pursuing higher education,” said SUNY Interim Chancellor Deborah Stanley. “An application fee should not be the deal breaker that prevents an individual from pursuing the many benefits of higher education. At SUNY, we are always striving to create opportunities to make college more affordable and accessible for every learner, and will continue to do so.”

Through the Excelsior Scholarship or New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program, many New York families may also be eligible for free tuition.

After financial help, 50% of SUNY’s full-time, in-state undergraduate students pay no tuition.

Students can submit a FAFSA form to request financial aid.

For 60% of all graduating seniors from high school, SUNY also offers continuous fee waivers.

Foster children, people with military ties, low-income students, and students at more than 500 specified high schools are all eligible to apply for up to seven SUNY campuses for free, saving them up to $350 over the course of the academic year.

SUNY will also introduce an out-of-state tuition match option during the fall enrollment period, allowing candidates from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Illinois, and California to enroll at SUNY schools and pay their in-state tuition and fees.