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Rochester’s gas prices fall for the second week in a row



Rochester, New York – For the second week in a row, gas prices in Rochester fell, averaging $4.28 per gallon over seven days.

According to GasBuddy’s survey released on Monday based on 319 stations in Rochester, compared to the previous week, average prices fell by 6.1 cents.

Last week, prices fell by 2.8 cents.

Compared with the last year’s prices, Rochester’s gas prices are still $1.43 per gallon higher.

The proposed New York State budget aims to reduce how much consumers pay at the pump by suspending the state’s gas tax. The tax suspension is planned to last seven months, starting from June 1.

While prices in Syracuse and Buffalo were 2 cents cheaper, average gas prices in Rochester were the same as in Buffalo. For the national average, prices were $0.18 cheaper than in Rochester.

Reducing by 7.5 cents compared to last week, the national average saw a steeper decline than Rochester.

On Sunday, the cheapest gas in Rochester recorded, was $3.89 per gallon, while the most expensive was $0.70 higher.