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Rochester community garden stepping in to provide relief in wake of Buffalo shooting



Rochester, New York – A community organization in Rochester is stepping in to provide relief, as the Buffalo community continues to mourn.

Executive director at 490 Farmers Community Garden, Courtney Klee felt it more acutely than most that were affected by last week’s killings at a Buffalo Tops. “One of my family members owns a cigar shop down there, I was just down there 2 weeks ago,” said Klee. “They are Puerto Rican, so they are diverse skin colors, and I was really, really scared, not hearing from [them], knowing that they frequent that Tops.”

According to top executives, they will eventually re-open the store where the shooting occurred, but for now, that store is closing, meaning residents may not have access to some essential goods.

This is where Klee and her community garden decided to help out. “We’re currently collecting hygiene products and toiletries because I think people are concerned about food – that is the first thing, but remember, the grocery store provided more than that,” Klee explained.

This is all a part of neighbors helping neighbors. The donations will go to community organizations in Buffalo and will be handed out to residents in the area. “I hate to see people suffering,” said Klee. “And I feel like instead of just thinking about it, and feeling sad, and sitting in sadness – which I’m sure we all are, I would rather just react and help people because I think that’s the best way to combat the hate that we experience.”

Klee estimated that two van loads of goods will be delivered in the coming days.