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Nathan Paetsch announces retirement from hockey



Nathan paestch was born in Humbolt, Canada.

He played 17 years of pro hockey, seven of which in Rochester.

Today he calls The Flower City home and called it a career announcing his retirment.

The 37 year old has done it all on the ice. Over 900 pro hockey games, over 160 games in the NFL mostly with the sabres. He won two Calder Cups with Grand Rapids and has read more books to kids in Rocehster than he can count.

Paetsch is probably most proud of the last accomplishment.

He says his one big regret in his hockey career was not bringing the Calder Cup back to Rochester.

The four time nominee for AHL Man of the Year, joked it would take pandemic to ends his career but the best part was the way he ended it in his final game.

“In my final game I was fortunate to score and I promised my son I would do his celebration if he scored,” smiled Paetsch.

His son, Kellen, invented his own goal celebrations when he was seven. It became known as the ‘Kellen Wiggle.’

“For that to be my last game and my last goal ever and to be able to pass the torch to my son, looking back it was really fitting,” grinned Paetsch.