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New York

In advance of the total solar eclipse, Governor Hochul provides safety advice



New York – Governor Kathy Hochul provided citizens with safety advice on Sunday in advance of Monday’s total solar eclipse.

To keep people safe, the governor claims that officials handled the situation as though it were a significant storm or blizzard. As millions of visitors are anticipated to travel to the state to witness the complete solar eclipse on Monday, locals should brace themselves for heavy traffic volumes, delays, and backups throughout the day.

“Our team has spent over 17 months preparing for this event to make sure that you can experience it safely and enjoyably,” she said.

To get ready for the eclipse, the governor assembled an interagency task force with representatives from around two dozen state departments and authorities. According to officials, the Thruway Authority, the Department of Transportation, and the New York State Police are ready for a spike in traffic. According to the Governor’s Office, parking on the highway shoulder in order to observe the eclipse is prohibited. To facilitate traffic flow, there will be an increase in DOT and Thruway staff as well as a suspension of construction and temporary lane closures.

Due to heavy traffic, Hochul advises locals to make plans in advance for where they wish to view the eclipse. To avoid any severe weather, residents should also keep a watch on the most recent forecasts.

“We are warning everyone, the roads can only handle so much,” Hochul said. “And we’re expecting a high, high volume of traffic before and after the event as people go to the destinations they want to visit.”

Prolonged travel delays are anticipated, particularly in rural areas that are under the totality’s route. These resources and safety advice were made available by the Governor’s Office on Thursday:

• Protect your eyes with specialized solar viewing glasses.
• Plan on staying in one place for the day due to anticipated traffic volume.
• Allow for plenty of extra travel time.
• Also remember to gas up your vehicle and pack snacks, water, blankets, and extra clothes in your car – weather this time of year can vary from warm temperatures to cold temperatures with snow.
• Do not stop to view the eclipse along the roadway, first responders need to be able to get through if there is an emergency.
• Share your trip details with an emergency contact and make sure they have your itinerary, including travel details such as driving route and hotel information.

The state has additional safety tips and viewing locations at

“It will be breathtaking to see the sun covered in its totality, leaving us mere mortals in darkness, for over three minutes,” Hochul said. “This total eclipse will pass through some of the most beautiful backdrops our state has to offer, from Letchworth State Park to the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains to the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and of course breathtaking Niagara Falls.”

The governor says she plans to watch the event from the Falls.

“We are literally over the moon to welcome over 1 million to our state for this once-in-a-generation moment,” Hochul said.

The governor praised the significant number of tourists that came to the state to see the eclipse, claiming that local businesses will profit from the spike in tourism.

“Our small businesses are basking in the limelight,” Hochul said. “They’re going to be welcoming people from all over as people see how our hidden gems are scattered all across the state, the small businesses, the restaurants, the diners [and] the bakeries. And we know those visiting for the first time will definitely want to come back.”