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New York

Inmate attack at Seneca County prison, 4 officers injured



Romulus, New York – At the Five Points Correctional Facility in Seneca County, an inmate attack left four officers with multiple wounds that required hospitalization.

The inmate was taken from his cell on October 5 after repeatedly threatening to harm himself, according to the New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association. The inmate first cooperated with officers by placing his hands on the cell wall while undergoing a frisk and pat-down.

However, as soon as his shackles were released, he abruptly leaped off the wall and hit one of the officers in the face. He allegedly continued to hit, scrape, and attempt to spit on the police within the cell after that, according to officials.

Additional staff ultimately seized control of him and re-handcuffed him. He was then brought away once more while being restrained with his legs, according to police.

The incident resulted in the injuries of four officers. They were seen by medical professionals for bites to the forearm, lacerations to the cheek and forehead, abrasions on the arms, back pain, shoulder pain, and back abrasions.

At this moment, none of them have reported back to work. It is uncertain how they are doing.

According to prison officials, the prisoner is currently serving a one- to a four-year term after being found guilty of attempted assault and arson in Suffolk County in 2021.