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Hydrogen fuel cell factory to open in Henrietta



“Plug Power Inc., a new hydrogen fuel cell provider will be opened in the area of Rochester”, New York  governor Andrew Cuomo announced earlier this week.

According to Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh, this will be more than a factory, it’ll be an innovation center. It is the world’s first gigafactory for proton exchange membrane technology. The project is $125 million worth and will create at least 350 new jobs. This center will be located in Henrietta.

“In fact, the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) is the main component in a fuel cell, we are going to do further MEA research and development here. We will also design stacks of fuel cells,” CEO Marsh said.

The center will develop stacks of hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers to power a variety of things including equipment for material processing, commercial on-road fleet vehicles, and drones.

“The fuel cell stacks a lot like a battery, and there’s certain applications where like the truck behind me because batteries are much bigger because of fuel cells, fuel cells offer a unique advantage because they’re smaller.”

This project will not only bring hundreds of new jobs, but it will also help the government’s efforts to promote renewable energy and rebuild a healthier economy.