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Monroe County Department of Health officials confirmed 893 deaths and 45,543 Covid-19 cases



Monroe County, N.Y. – Monroe County Department of Health officials reported 198 new Covid-19 cases and no new deaths. As of Monday, 45,543 people tested positive and 893 people have died due to coronavirus in Monroe County Since March 2020.

County’s seven-day rolling average of new cases is 318, bringing the seven-day rolling average positivity rate to 4.9%. Since the beginning of the pandemic 41,031 Covid9-19 cases recovered and 3,423 Covid-19 cases are currently in isolation. 701 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized at the moment and 138 of them are in ICU.  Currently 33% of the average hospital beds are available, and the availability of ICU beds is 22%.

Ages of the new Covid-19 cases reported on Monday are:

9 Female under 10
4 Male under 10
12 Female 10-19
6 Male 10-19
1 Non-binary in 10s
22 Female in her 20s
15 Male in his 20s
14 Female in 30s
18 Male in his 30s
15 Female in her 40s
12 Male in his 40s
18 Female in her 50s
9 Male in his 50s
10 Female in her 60s
9 Male in his 60s
7 Female in her 70s
7 Male in his 70s
1 Female in her 80s
1 Male in his 80s
3 Female in her 90s
Male in his 90s
Female 100+
Male 100+