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Executive Bello short to respond on Dr. Mendoza’s sudden departure



Rochester, New York – The abrupt retirement of Monroe County’s commissioner of public health on Wednesday has not been publicly discussed by Dr. Mendoza or county representatives.

Since 2016, Dr. Mendoza has held the position of county commissioner of public health. August 2022 saw him newly reappointed to the role. The county has emphasized his ability to lead, his efforts to stop the opioid crisis, and his actions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The question over the abrupt departure was first posed to County Executive Adam Bello on Wednesday. Bello reacted by remaining true to the information of the Counties resignation release.

Bello was again questioned about Mendoza’s abrupt departure when he appeared with the media on Friday for a different occasion.

Bello cited the County’s earlier this week statement that Mendoza made the decision to step down and that he is “wishing him well” in his future.

Bello stated, “He made the decision to step down earlier this week; there really isn’t anything more to say about that.”