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Rochester girls sell bracelets to raise money for Ukraine



Rochester, New York — Seemingly small gestures can make a difference like the bracelets are making.

Sarah Pashchuk and Kennedy Grabowski are both 14 years old, and they have never met.

They both decided on their own, to sell bracelets and donate the money, hundreds of dollars, to the relief effort for Ukraine. “I wasn’t expecting that many people to be buying them, but I’m also really happy at the same time to see all these people trying to help in any way,” Pashchuk said.

“I mean, God is good. He has definitely blessed me in being able to help people,” Grabowski added.

The girls were honored for their work by the Guardians of Hope of Rochester, who collected their donations, a total of $600 thus far. Only $15 can feed a person for two weeks. “When that bag of food gets to somebody over in Ukraine to that person, it’s life,” Cameron Knaub, a Guardians of Hope co-founder, said. “So these girls have been able to provide life through selling bracelets.”

“These ladies are changing lives and they’re only 14, so that makes you wonder, what can you do, and hold there you will because age doesn’t matter,” Roman Bosak, a Guardians of Hope co-founder said.

“It’s really uplifting to know that you’re able to help people who are way less fortunate than you are,” Pashchuk said.