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Reactions from the Pittsford community to the Pontillo employee news



Village of Pittsford, New York – The inspection report stated that an employee overdosed, forcing the pizza restaurant to close.

When a member of the community learned about the occurrence today, he expressed shock but not surprise.

Pontillo’s Pizzeria on State Street is closed and deserted, having recently failed a health inspection.

a note on the door describing the overdosed, unconscious employee that was found inside.

The note read, “The drug use occurred after the store was closed and that they were found by an opening employee prior to the store opening. Which is when the authorities were notified.”

“Just realizing that this is kind of the world that we live in. Unexpected things happen and drugs get into any place, even a small town like Pittsford,” said Pittsford resident Jared Page.

According to Page, he was going on a walk when he learned of this incident and said this event could cause people to pay closer attention to those around them.

“I am sure for a while people are going to be looking over their shoulders or just questioning people thinking that everything is going to be related to the situation,” said Page, “But I think for the most part a lot of people are just going to think it is a one-off.”

Pictures of a pizza box loaded with hypodermic needles and a blood-stained pizza box may be found in the health inspection report.

In another image, there is more blood in the kitchen.

The now-former employee is receiving help, according to the note left on Portillo’s door, and wishes them well on their road to recovery.

Although this is unfortunate, Page said he hopes that people would talk about what to watch out for and how to help because it is a problem that many individuals in today’s society face.

“I would hope people are having conversations with people that they know about this type of drug use and the consequences that it can have,” said Page, “Just keeping an eye on your employees, making sure that you are noticing any strange behavior, keeping up with them and making sure that they are doing OK. And that, they are not using, and if you see any suspicious behavior talk to them first before you go report it to anybody because you never know what someone is going through.”

The restaurant’s owner, Christine Woodring, wrote in the letter she left on the door that she intends to reopen it soon.