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Residents in Rochester are irritated by careless driving



Rochester, New York – A woman is speaking out about the careless driving she saw earlier this week in her southwest side area of the city.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, forwarded a video that she had taken on Tuesday night showing a Kia swerving in and out of traffic on Reynolds Street and even approaching pedestrians on the sidewalk.

The mother claimed that as the bizarre event played out in front of her, she was taking her children to the park.

“They were just driving reckless,” she said. “They zoomed up and there was a lot of kids down there on the corner. They hopped the curb and zoomed towards the kids like they were going to hit them or whatever, but the kids jumped out of the way in time.”

The mom claimed that although her kids had first begged to stroll to the neighboring park, she had a horrible feeling.

“If I would’ve just said, ‘Yeah, go ahead and walk,’ those kids that try to get out of the way probably would have been one of my kids hit,” she said.

The woman claimed that the Kia’s driver and the passengers who were leaning out of the windows both appeared youthful.

She claims that for the previous year, Reynolds and a few nearby streets had drawn attention from these alleged “Kia kids.”

“Everyone be complaining. When they ride down the street, they be yelling at them trying to stop them,” she said. “But they still — the kids I guess — they feel like that’s the thrill, so they just end up going harder, zooming up and down the streets more.”

The woman claims that despite calling 911, she and other neighbors are still having issues.
While Rochester police acknowledge that they received numerous reports of a car driving erratically in that area on Tuesday, they also claim that the driver fled the scene every time they attempted to stop the vehicle, making it impossible for them to pursue. There were no reported injuries. According to police, the car in question was probably stolen.

“It’s scary when you are riding down the street and they are coming head-on toward you,” the woman said. “They aren’t going to stop, so you’re either going to pull over or you are going to crash.”