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New York

New York State average gas price is up, while US is down



Buffalo, New York — The national average of gas prices is down one cent, while New York’s is up by one.

On Monday morning AAA released the latest average prices for gas.

• U.S. average: $3.41 ($2.11 in 2020)

• NYS average: $3.57 ($2.22 in 2020)

Here are the average prices around upstate New York:

• Batavia – $3.47 (up two cents from last week)

• Binghamton – 3.52 (up one cent from last week)

• Buffalo – $3.47 (no change from last week)

• Elmira – $3.46 (down one cent from last week)

• Ithaca – $3.52 (no change from last week)

• Rochester – $3.53 (no change from last week)

• Rome – $3.58 (up one cent from last week)

• Syracuse – $3.51 (no change from last week)

• Watertown – $3.60 (up one cent since last week)

• Williamsport, PA – $3.62 (up one cent since last week)

“Gas prices are relatively steady to start this week as oil prices dropped below $80 per barrel,” AAA says. “Demand also declined over the past week according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). However, demand is expected to increase this week with Thanksgiving travel getting underway.”