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New York

New York Governor looking to give judges more discretion when determining bail



New York State – As the state budget deadline is coming, state lawmakers are raising questions and concerns over the latest statements made by the Hochul Administration on bail reform. According to Governor Hochul, bail reform isn’t perfect and she doesn’t believe the law is responsible for the rise in violent crime seen across the state. She is standing firm on changes she’d like to make to the law.

Her 10-point plan includes a measure that would give judges more discretion to order bail and detain criminal defendants for several additional crimes based on their criminal history. Among the changes crimes against subway riders and transit employees will be subject to bail and more gun crimes would be eligible for bail.

Whereas right now many of these suspects are charged and automatically released, that would mean suspects of these crimes could be potentially held behind bars.

Lawmakers in favor of the reforms already in place don’t want them scaled back, those opposed want them repealed immediately. Asm. Latrice Walker (D), says “Rather than admit that their proposal was a reactionary response to misinformation and propaganda and pressure from anti-reform groups…the administration instead decided to co-opt the language of the reform and minimize the proposal’s potential impact.”

Asm. Will Barclay (R), says “I think in some respect…she wants it both ways and she’s running for election. She’s pandering to the far left of her party who desperately don’t want anything changes to bail reform.”

The state budget is due April 1st.