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New York

Monroe County employees in social services will receive raises



Rochester, New York – Better pay is the first step in Monroe County’s effort to overcome a severe lack of social service providers.

In response to an “alarming” number of open positions in the social services sector, County Executive Adam Bello on Friday unveiled a new recruitment and retention strategy.

For caseworkers, examiners, child protective services staff members, child detention staff members, and probation professionals, the campaign will feature a wage raise of close to 7%.

“Individuals who are working these jobs, they are not motivated by money alone,” Bello said. “They are motivated by the ability to change their community for the better and impact lives. But they do need to make a livable wage.”

Additionally, the county will remove residence criteria and exam costs and hire a full-time recruiter. On October 15, the campaign will start.

According to Bello, the county will reinvest unused time and money from vacancies over the years in current employees.