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Monroe Co. sees 36 opioid overdoses, 10 of them fatal, in February



Rochester, N.Y. – Monroe County saw a significant drop in opioid overdoses in February 2021 – however, nearly a third of those that did take place were fatal.

Overall, the Monroe County Heroin Task Force reported 36 overdoses last month. That’s down from 58 the preceding month.

Ten of the 36 reported overdoses were fatal. In January, 12 of the 58 reported overdoses resulted in a fatality.

The overall number of overdoses reported year-to-year between 2018-2020 have continued to decrease, however 2020 saw an increase in fatal overdoses compared to the year prior.

Overdoses in February 2021, as reported by the Monroe County Heroin Task Force (Provided photo)

Substance abuse advocates have voiced concerns throughout the pandemic that, with more individuals forced to stay home and practice social distancing, people may not be able to access needed resources or may be more susceptible to substance abuse.

If you or someone you know is looking for information or resources related to dealing with substance abuse, visit our State of Addiction page.