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Goat yoga is back to Nazareth College



Rochester, New York – A program called Goat Yoga was brought back to Nazareth College.

According to officials from Nazareth College, the event was originally created in the Fall semester as a way for students to relieve stress as the final exam period approaches and was brought back due to its success.

The event is a good activity to provide both physical, mental, and emotional well-being to their students, officials said.

Goat yoga involves a combination of traditional yoga with pet therapy by introducing baby goats to a beginner-level yoga class.

“Stress relief was our biggest concern and finals are coming up,” said John Rigney, Assistant Director of Wellness Outreach and Education at Nazareth College. “Things have been very stressful lately and it’s just a nice stress reliever.”

The tribe of goats arrived to Nazareth College from NY Goat Yoga in New Berlin, N.Y. with the yoga instructor and goat handler.