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Gates Historical Society elects board members



GATES, Rochester, NY – Lee Krist, chairman of the Gates Historical Society Nominations Committee, announced the results of this year’s mail-in election for the 2020-21 board.

Elected to a second term as president is Susan Swanton, and elected for a full three-year term are Raymond Coons as treasurer and Marjorie Bouwens as secretary. Cindy Hinchey and Sue Swingle were re-elected to the board for a second three-year term as members.

Paula Blackburn, Garth Brokaw, Christine Kimmerly and Christine Maurice join the board as new members. Previously elected to the board are Virginia Paddock and Marlene Sutliff.

The Society now has a full board of 11 members.

This year’s annual meeting and election was canceled due to the coronavirus and ballots were mailed to Society members in late May. The Nominations Committee, chaired by former Society board member Krist with assistance from Town Historian Bill Gillette and Adrienne Perrin, tabulated returned ballots on the porch of the Hinchey Homestead.

Swanton expressed her appreciation to Krist, Gillette and Perrin for their work in recruiting new officers and board members.

Key tasks for the new board are to safely reopen the Homestead, finish the fence restoration project and implement newly received grants. The board accomplished most of its goals for the previous year and will approve new goals for 2020-21.

“Volunteers are most welcome to help at the Hinchey Homestead, whether on-site or remotely,” Swanton said. “Contact me for volunteer opportunities at or leave a message for me at (585) 464-9740. If you don’t have time to become a volunteer for the Society, but you still want to help us? Join if you are not already a member or make a contribution to help the Society finish restoration of the signature Hinchey Homestead fence.”