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Gas prices impacting delivery drivers



Elmira, New York – Many are paying the price as gas prices continue to rise. Some of those impacts are those delivering food to your doorstep.

According to Patrick Granger, a Delivery Driver at Pudgies Pizza on Elmira’s Southside, he is feeling the effects of the rising prices. “With the amount that I drive around.. and [gas] now being over $4 a gallon, I can definitely see the effect of how much I’m spending on gas every single day and unfortunately I can not get gas, I have to.”

Some local restaurants such as Pudgies are helping offset the costs for their drivers.

General Manager of Elmira’s Southside Pudgies Pizza, Matthew Voorhees, said “We pay our drivers a certain amount per delivery to try to offset to help them. We try to take care of our people.”

Food delivery companies are helping offset the pain at the pump as well, just as restaurants are feeling the effects.

“We are proud to provide Dashers with access to discounts on gas and other car maintenance to help them maximize their earnings, including 2% cash back on gas at any station for DasherDirect cardholders, and making additional car maintenance discounts available for all Dashers. We’re always eager to hear from Dashers on ways we can support them and provide meaningful resources on and off the road.”