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Fairport lift bridge lit up in red and green



Fairport, New York — As part of the New York Power Authority and New York State Canal Corporation’s celebration of iconic infrastructure along New York State’s historic Erie Canal, the Fairport lift bridge was lit up in red and green.

Since the bridge has been under construction since 2019, it’s a significant moment in the village.

“One of my most favorite things I love doing during the holidays is just getting inside my car and driving neighborhoods and looking at the beautiful light on everyone’s lawn and I think this is a beacon,” said Brian Stratton, Director of the New York State Canal Corporation. “Fairport is inviting the entire Rochester community to get in their cars and come to Fairport to see this beautiful bridge in all of its colors and its spectacular glory.”

Tuesday’s lighting was just a preview of what’s in store for Christmas Eve when the bridge will again be lit in red and green.

The lights will change colors in accordance with the holidays and remain white for the majority of the year.