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COVID testing, vaccination sites to remain open



Albany, New York – According to Gov. Kathy Hochul, the state isn’t sounding the alarm on the new omicron variant but will be keeping COVID-19 testing sites and vaccination centers open as a precaution.

The state is watching COVID numbers carefully, which remain low, she said.

According to Department of Health Commissioner Mary Bassett, now is the time for people to get a booster shot and encouraged parents to get kids vaccinated.

Bassett also said a significant spike in cases from ba.2 is not expected in New York.

According to The Governor, she has proposed to rebuild the Wadsworth Center in Albany. The state needs to build back its health care infrastructure better so the state can be better ready for public health emergencies, she said. Rebuilding of the state’s public health laboratory is part of Gov. Hochul’s plan announced in her State of the State address on January, 5.

In the seven-day average of COVID cases, a slight uptick is being seen in New York City. However, the percentage is far lower than seen at the beginning of the year.

In addition to her proposal to rebuild the Wadsworth Center, Gov. Hochul said she is also focusing on rebuilding the health care workforce depleted during COVID.

Hochul wants to grow health care workers by 20%.