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New York: Law requiring everyone to be belted in backseat is working



New York – One year since New York’s law requiring adults to be belted in the backseat of vehicles went into effect.

Data from AAA shows the law seems to be working in keeping passengers safe.

According to AAA reports, between 2016 and 2021, the number of backseat passengers not wearing a seat belt decreased by 10%.

Before, 289 unbuckled backseat passengers were killed in the last decade.

According to a study, teens and young adults aged 16-24 are least likely to buckle up and more likely to be killed in a crash compared to any other age group.

One year later, New York continues to push for safer driving laws. Another new state law ensures used vehicles purchased from a dealer have functioning airbags.

The Anthony Amoros Law is named after a young man who died in a crash after being sold a car he didn’t know didn’t have airbags.

Under this law, cars must be sold with a certificate noting airbags are inside and working.