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Woman makes free care packages for elderly with messages of hope



Henrietta, NY – Candy, hand soap, and toothpaste, just some of the things included in boxes one Henrietta woman is giving out to the elderly, in care packages meant to brighten their day.

Christine Platt spent Saturday packing up gift boxes to be delivered during the week.

“The goal of the box is just simply to brighten someone’s day, it’s just something for someone to look forward to,” said Christine Platt, a Henrietta resident.

It started when Platt lost her job as a waitress and after hearing so many in the community struggling, wanted to help out.

“My boyfriend’s mother is 92 and i saw that she’s alone and i just started thinking about all these people that are at home by themselves, and i really wanted to reach out to the community,” said Platt.

Platt posted an add for her gift boxes online, and soon family and friends started reaching out. Platt made 15 drop offs just last week.

“They let me know the story of that person which is just beautiful that I get to learn about their life so so and so lives here and their wife just died or they had a stroke. And it’s really cool because it’s a person reaching out to someone else and I’m reaching out to them, so it’s a really beautiful process,” said Platt.

The boxes include things like some basic hygiene products, and help the elders get essential items without having to go to the store.

Platt took it ones step further including a handwritten note this like it each of the box. On it her phone number offered for anyone to reach out.

“The goal is just to make someone feel like their not alone, cause I have been alone in my life, I know what that feels like and I don’t want anyone to experience that and i just want them to know that the community is here and were supporting them,” said Platt.

Platt plans to make 30 deliveries this weeks and is getting ready for more to reach out as she hopes to grow in order to help more in her community.