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New York

Wegman’s Employee Scholarship Program marks its 40th anniversary



New York – A local grocery store business reaches a significant milestone in providing scholarship possibilities to its staff members: ten years.

Wegmans commemorated the launch of its Employee Scholarship Program forty years ago by giving out over $145 million in scholarships to over 46,500 workers.

Among the 241 workers who were given scholarships in 1984, Mary Beth Stalter currently manages the group of individuals who give out the awards annually. Her son was also given a scholarship while he worked for the company throughout his time in high school and college.

“He is now the director of ecology for a lake association in Connecticut, but he had some great opportunities at Wegmans that were very meaningful to him,” said Stalter. “It’s very cool that Wegmans knows that not everyone is going to stay and they still invest, they still want to be part of that story.

Elijah Delgado, a more recent recipient, began working as a part-time cashier at the Irondequoit, New York, shop in 2021. He received the scholarship for the first time in the fall of 2023.
After completing his first year of studies at Niagara University, he is exploring potential future jobs in Wegmans Management Internship Program this summer.

“I want to build my career with Wegmans,” said Delgado. “I’ve had a lot of opportunities already, I’ve never heard of another company doing so much for their employees, they treat us like family.”

There is no cap on the amount of scholarships the company offers each year, and there are no restrictions on the student’s field of study. Full-time employee grantees are eligible for up to $16,000 over four years, while part-time scholarship holders are eligible for $8,000 over four years.

This year, Wegmans awarded roughly 1,500 new scholarships, and the organization anticipates providing tuition aid totaling around $6.5 million to both new and returning scholarship recipients.