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Victim of domestic abuse describes a horrifying attack in Rochester



Rochester, New York – Shaughnessey Denson claims that she gets angry because of the scars that now cover her body.

Denson stated that she and Doyle Rucker split after filing for divorce four years ago. However, on February 3, Rucker requested permission to see Denson and their three children at her Mitchell Street residence.

Denson claimed that after Rucker had talked to the kids for five minutes, he told them to go upstairs so he could talk to her alone.

“He started talking weird, saying weird things, so I asked him to leave,” Denson said. “He said no, I tried to call the police, and that’s when he pulled out the knife and started stabbing me.”

Denson claimed that when their 14-year-old daughter attempted to defend her, adrenaline seized over. Rucker also allegedly started stabbing her.

“My first instinct was to save my baby, so I grabbed the knife and I said ‘Run!’ and she ran,” said Denson, who was also able to escape.

Rucker was then taken into custody by the police and charged with two charges each of attempted murder and first- and second-degree assault.

Denson claimed she underwent two weeks of several procedures, twice passing away on the operating table.

“I’m missing half of my lung,” she said. “It was damaged to the point where it had to be removed. My spleen was removed. My hand — I’m going to physical therapy for my hand. I cut all the tendons and nerves in my hand.”

Denson is attempting to recuperate at home with her daughter while also raising awareness of domestic abuse.

“My advice is if you can go, go” she said. “If you can get away, get away. You don’t want to end up in a situation like this.”