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Unusually warm weather in the Rochester area causes pest issues to arise earlier than anticipated



Henrietta, New York – The proprietor of Rochester Pest Pro, Jason DiBiase, said that the unusually warm winter has driven wildlife insane.

“The unseasonably warm weather has made the insects come alive,” he said. “The rodents are still really— everything is confused. It’s not quite summer, it’s not quite spring, it’s still winter, it’s February, just a flux of temperatures.”

Numerous insects, rodents, and animals have emerged from hibernation as a result of the unusual weather. DiBiase claims that as a result, more homeowners are contacting him for assistance.

“With bats, for example, people are calling about a lot of bats in the house. Again, it’s due to the unseasonably warm weather,” he said. “We got a call yesterday for bees — in February. I don’t recall the last time that has happened, so there’s definitely something going on, and it’s going to continue to impact (us).”

Recently, the health authorities of Genesee and Orleans counties issued a warning regarding an increase in the number of individuals coming into contact with strays and wild animals; as a result, numerous locals needed to receive rabies treatment.

DiBiase advises hiring a technician to help get rid of any undesired bugs, but he also mentioned precautions you can do to make sure everyone is safe.

“Just pay attention to what’s going on,” he said. “If you get a bat in the house, for example, just try to open the window. The bat hopefully will get the current and pick it up and try to get out. It’s just as scared as you as you are scared of them, so just be vigilant, leave the room, close the door, and if you come in contact with a bat or whatever and it’s in a room, contact a doctor to see if you need to get tested for rabies or whatever may be.”