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Twins helped lead Brighton to another successful season



Brighton, New York —  Twins Ainsley and Cassidy Evanetski were born 15 seconds apart and have been inseparable ever since.

“We have the same friends, same friendships, the same groups,” said Ainsley. “Our GPA is .01 off. We’re the same person, we just don’t look alike.”

When the twins were seven, they began playing softball and quickly fell in love with the game together. They have helped lead Brighton to another successful season. Ainsley may be the better pitcher  and Cassidy may be the better batter but their sisterly bond is evident on the baseball diamond, with incredible defensive chemistry to match.

“Each of us bring something different to the table,” said Cassidy. “We both have strong arms, both of us are quick. We have a strong softball IQ. It’s easy for us to go anywhere on the field and make the out.”

They prepared for travel and school softball early, and their chemistry only improved.

“She knows where I am 24/7, even if I don’t know where I am,” said Cassidy. “It’s easy to make the play and get the out. I think it’s a special bond that we have.”

Cassidy once got hit by a batter while on the mound, and Ainsley came over crying because she knew her sister was hurting . That bond can also be seen as twin telepathy, which they both believe is 100% real.. Their awareness of each other is evident on the field too.

“We always use each other when we’re playing and it comes out on the field,” said Ainsley. “If I’m on the mound and something’s not working, Cass will come over and tell me what to do. It’s always great having that voice to help you out.”

After graduation, they are both off to St. John Fisher College for another four years of softball together.