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New York

Those who had COVID and later became vaccinated had best protection



New York – According to a newly-released study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when the delta variant was spreading last summer, people who were vaccinated and previously infected by COVID had the best protection against the disease.

“If you have been infected, having a booster dose or having a vaccine dose afterwards is actually quite beneficial. We know it raises your antibodies level substantially,” said Dr. Edward Walsh, head of infectious disease at Rochester General Hospital.

According to Dr. Walsh, infection alone won’t protect you against COVID. You still need a vaccine.

“Previous infection immunity wanes over time, just like a vaccine,” he said. “Both natural infection and vaccine induced infection are pretty good at preventing severe disease.”

According to Dr. Walsh, if you had COVID recently, the best time to get a vaccine dose or booster shot is three months after. Natural immunity peaks about one month after infection.

75.5% of the population in Monroe County has at least one vaccine dose, according to state data.

Current data on the Monroe County COVID-19 dashboard show that the number of cases is decreasing.

“If it’s true our number of infections are dropping, then you might predict that 10 days or so from now, our hospitalization numbers will start to decline,” said Dr. Walsh.