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This St. Patrick’s Day, the victim’s daughter is honoring her father



Rochester, New York – This year, a Webster family is spending St. Patrick’s Day weekend a little differently because a loved one isn’t there.

Tommy Doherty was a jail deputy for Monroe County who retired. His vehicle collided with another vehicle at the crossroads of State Route 441 and Canandaigua Road in January, resulting in his death in an automobile accident.

Bridget, Doherty’s daughter, describes her father as a devoted friend, uncle, and grandfather. She claims that her dad would go all out on St. Patrick’s Day every year, treating it like Christmas. She claims that he typically began making plans for this year—including taking time off work—months in advance.

However, there will be a gap this year.

According to Bridget, “he was really into going downtown to see the parade.” He would come and obtain a large hotel suite; the last time we did it, it was at this hotel, giving him a wonderful vantage point to watch everything that was going on. He adamantly desired to be involved in the activity at all times. Therefore, I’m positive he will be here with us.

According to Bridget, she wants people to keep in mind that life is fleeting, to enjoy the time you have left with your loved ones, and to spend time with them while they are still here.