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This month, West Irondequoit Daycare will permanently close



Rochester, New York – For more than a decade, Inspire Learning Daycare has been leasing its 330 Pattonwood Drive location to the West Irondequoit School District. Anthony D’Agostino, President of Inspire Learning and Childcare, states that the district made the decision to reclaim the space last year.

“And the facility is going to become a truck garage where they’re going to have pneumatic lifts and they’re going to be fixing and repairing the trucks as well as being a department of public workspace for the school district,” said D’Agostino.

According to D’Agostino, there has been continuous discussion with one hundred families affected by the decision to close or move over the past year. However, despite the efforts, the shutdown is necessary.

“We talked to a number of proprietors about could we lease out. We talked to churches about opportunities to lease out. We looked at buying and building property. Unfortunately, the cost to buy and build today is very prohibitive and also, it’d take almost 3 years to build a new building to get licensed and to move into a new facility,” he said.

He says they looked at two buildings that they thought may work, but it’s not feasible because it’s too distant for families.

Presently, the organization is planning new personnel placements in addition to setting up new venues for the kids to visit.

“We are looking at relocating almost 100% of our staff to our other schools that we have one in Pittsford, we have one in Penfield, Macedon area and we have one in Brockport,” he said.

June 28 is the last day of operation for the Inspire Daycare Center.