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The state provides $8 million to Baden Street Settlement



Rochester, New York – An group that has been providing community service to Rochester families for over 120 years has received a significant financial boost.

New York State is providing $8 million to the northeast neighborhood of the city known as Baden Street Settlement.

Since 1901, the group has been serving the community, and state representatives believe it is now appropriate to assist the organization in increasing its influence.

“I want to welcome you all to the 137th Assembly District Baden Street,” said 137th District Assemblymember Demond Meeks.

The Baden Street Settlement has been providing aid to underprivileged Rochesterians for 123 years. Based on statistical data, Baden Street Settlement serves 5,000 clients annually, of whom 94% are qualified for Medicaid, according to Tyrese Bryant, the board of directors president.

“Today, we celebrate a milestone the largest funding committed in Baden Street history — the largest,” says Bryant.

The organization, which is based in northeast Rochester, plans to demolish 152 Baden Street and construct a new facility for its services, along with remodeling its gym, using the $8 million in state money.

“The proposed expansion will enable them to enhance and introduce critical services to address the tremendous needs of Rochester residents and families,” Meeks said. “Not just here in the northeast, but beyond, you also have students who came here after school they have their buses drop them off here.”

Speaker of the NYS Assembly Carl Heastie made the announcement in Rochester alongside local officials. Malik Evans, the mayor, was also there.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary, and we are going to have to keep working if we want to continue to be successful,” said Evans. “All together, we can work to transform this community, this neighborhood, the zip code, and our nation, so thank you so much.”

“Monroe County, yes, we’ve been investing in Baden Street. We work together in so many ways,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “When Baden Street comes to say ‘Hey, we need help reaching mental health supports to our neighbors and communities,’ and the answer is easy. The answer is yes.”

The executive director of Baden Street Settlement, Catherine Thomas, stated that the commencement date of the restorations and construction is still unknown.