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The state of New York releases Covid-19 tracker as a response to many complaints about inaccurate numbers provided



New York state officials released a so-called Covid-19 tracker where you can monitor in real time the situation with the number of vaccinated people and the distribution of the vaccine across the state.

The website was launched as a response to many complaints from New Yorkers that the vaccination process was much slower than planned and that the numbers provided by officials were inaccurate.

Although the tracker is at an early stage, it is expected to be upgraded in the coming days where much more information will be displayed compared to now. The information about the release of the tracker was posted on Twitter by Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

It is also important to note that the entire country is facing lower deliveries than in the previous period, so at the state level last week 50,000 fewer vaccines were distributed than the week before.

The groups that we have already mentioned several times remain a priority for our state. The stock problem is due to the restructuring of the manufacturer’s own product lines.

It is expected that this reduced pace will last from three to five weeks, but after that the agreed stocks will be replenished.