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“The baby fell off the bed,” Parents beat days-old baby resulting with five broken bones, arm and legs almost killing it



The parents have been arrested and charged after the examination showed that the 9-day-old baby suffered heavy injuries with at least five broken bones. After the search in their home, the police found cocaine, meth, oxycodone, marijuana and a gun.

According to police report, officers responded at the Kentucky home of Amanda Y. and her boyfriend Brent B. following a 911 call when the parents reported their newborn child had fallen off a bed.

When police arrived on the scene, the mother reportedly told one of the officers that the baby had broken arm. She added that she is very sorry and she couldn’t believe how the baby fell off the bed.

The baby was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment. The early examinations showed the baby has suffered heavy injuries that led to at least five broken bones. Infant’s both legs and left arm were broken.

According to the medical report, the baby also had bruise on the left side of its head.

In an official statement, both parents said they were asleep when the incident took place. According to the statement, they couldn’t find the baby when the woke up. The parents eventually found the baby face down on the floor next to the bed.

But the nurse who performed the examination said these kinds of injuries are signs of “inflicted physical abuse.”

Parents face abuse and drug possession charges.