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Teenager abducted a female driver and made her crawl into a wooded area where he shot her multiple times, charged



It is commonly known that professions such as police officer, firefighter, logging worker, etc. are considered the most dangerous and now that list has been expanded with a Lyft driver due to the increasing number of assaults in recent years.

One of the recent assaults that happened at the beginning of November left a female driver severely wounded after the passenger she picked up shot her multiple times. She underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

The 17-year-old passenger was subsequently arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and carjacking.

The Lyft driver, B. Littrell, was working when she received a message to pick up a passenger, unaware of what was about to happen.

Littrell picked up the teen passenger, D. McGee, at an apartment complex in and drove him to the desired location. McGee pulled a gun on Littrell at some point, forced her to get in the back seat and took possession of the vehicle.

The suspect then drove to a nearby wooded area in his hometown in Mississippi, forced the victim to crawl into the woods and shot her multiple times. According to the police report, the suspect then took Littrell’s phone and fled the area in her vehicle.

Littrell managed to drag herself out of the wooded area despite her serious injuries and get to an apartment complex where she knocked on doors. A resident found her and contacted authorities.

She was then taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries in her leg, arm, back, stomach and breast. Littrell underwent surgery at the hospital and is now recovering.

“I don’t want my family not to know what happened to me. And so I’m like crawling out of the woods, and get enough strength to stand up,” Littrell told officers.

What gave her the strength to pull out of the wooded area was the thought that the suspect might also hurt her grandmother because her address was in the mail in her vehicle.

“I knew if he could shoot me that many times, he wouldn’t have any problem shooting her, either. I’m just super grateful to be alive,” said Littrell.

Lyft officials issued a statement after the incident: “The incident described is horrific and our hearts go out to Ms. Littrell and her loved ones. We’ve reached out to offer our support, have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.”

The 17-year-old, D. McGee, was located shortly after the incident and arrested. He is charged with kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, and aggravated assault. McGee could be charged as an adult and face an additional charge of attempted murder.