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Support for fallen pilot’s grandson from Hilton students



Hilton, New York – James Sauer, a grandfather and best friend to a boy named Jacob was so many things: a husband, father, public servant, and pilot.

On Monday, Karen Velyk’s class moved to a corner in the Village of Hilton. With handmade cards decorated with a blue and red heart, they came out for Jacob, their classmate, and James Sauer’s grandson.

“He’s very close to his grandfather and we wanted to show him our love and support and be here for him on a difficult day,” their teacher said.

They also sent messages to Jacob inside their heart-adorned cards. But they hoped simply being here on this corner would mean something, and that maybe Jacob, in the procession, might see them. “I think Jacob is going to be really surprised. We didn’t tell him we were going to be here. It will be nice if we can get a smile out of him,” Velyk said. “We miss him and I know seeing his friends is something that’s going to matter to him today.”

The moment came, the procession went by, and Karen Velyk’s class was there to pay its respects.

According to Jim Volkmar, who was also there, the most important lesson came Monday not in a classroom, but on a corner. “You saw the kids from the classrooms come out. Kids from the school down here. Kids making posters It’s important they know who the real heroes are in this world: not politicians.”