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New York

Stimulus check Christmas payment worth $6,300 to be sent to hundreds by December 15



New York – In just a few days ahead of the Christmas holiday, some people will see a stimulus check worth $3,600.

Over 750 students in Atalanta will see these checks.

The stimulus help is arriving just in time as student debt has reached $1.7 trillion in the United States.

Morehouse School of Medicine is giving grants worth $6,300 to its students, referring to it as a holiday stimulus check.

The money is geared to help enrolled students with academic, financial, childcare, mental health, food, transportation, healthcare, and housing costs.

The money is coming from a relief package signed into law when former President Donald Trump was in office.

$14 billion was set aside for colleges and students, with $21.2 billion more set aside in Jan.

Under the American Rescue Plan, in March an additional $39.6 billion was set aside. Morehouse received $56.4 million of it.