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St. James Hospital reports record COVID admissions



Hornell, New York – St. James Hospital in Hornell has reported a record high of COVID patients.

“As of Friday, seventy percent of our inpatient beds were occupied by COVID-positive patients, the most since the start of the pandemic,” said Bryan O’Donovan, SJH president and CEO. “We also are seeing record numbers of patients seeking care in our Urgent Care center, Primary Care clinic, and Emergency department.”

Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer for St. James, urges people to continue taking precautions and to not delay seeking care.

“Even though we all are feeling ‘pandemic burnout’, it’s still important to protect yourself,” he said. “Wear a mask in public places, wash your hands frequently, get your flu shot, and get the COVID vaccine and/or the booster.”

“The vast majority of our COVID inpatients are unvaccinated,” he said, “Most importantly, don’t delay seeking care if you have symptoms and stay in touch with your primary care provider.”

County and city officials have recently opened COVID testing services. SJH does not offer walk-in or asymptomatic testing unless the provider determines there is a need.