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New York

Spencerport middle school students replace Pride Month posters with “Say no to gay” signs



Spencerport, New York – According to a Spencerport school, four students are facing consequences after their school says they removed Pride Month posters – and replaced them with “Say no to gay” signs.

This happened just as Pride Month kicked off. To celebrate, the Cosgrove Ally Club at Cosgrove Middle School created a number of posters – and after review by the principal, they were displayed around the school.

An image was shared on social media of an anti-gay sign posted at Cosgrove. It reads, “Say no to gay pride. Join the straight side! Say no to gay. Don’t be lame.”

According to the district, two unnamed students took it upon themselves to remove some of the club’s Pride support signs and two other students posted the derogatory signage encouraging students to be straight.

The poster was never approved, and the following day, issued an apology to students, reading in part: “This behavior is disheartening. Every student, staff, and family member should be able to feel safe and welcomed in our schools, and we want to extend our apologizes to our LBGTQ+ students and families for this incident. Please know this behavior will not be tolerated and we are continued to review this incident under the Dignity for All Students Act.”

According to the school, they were able to identify all four students involved and spoke with their parents.

Privacy laws prevent them from going into further detail about disciplinary consequences, the district said.