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Some students and families still struggling with distance learning



GREECE, N.Y. — As we’ve already reported, many schools in our area are offering a hybrid form of distance learning for at least the next semester.

News10NBC talked to parents, and students in Greece who are not only preparing for school, but also share some of their concerns as well.

This week, parents in Greece are picking up Chromebooks for their children here at Greece Odyssey Academy.

Most of the students will only be in school two days a week and spend the other three days learning from home.

Kate and Fernando Fonticiella’s son is about to enter 8th grade.

“He had a hard time focusing on the laptop, and he even said that he does better in the classroom,” Kate said. “So this year I thought about doing the 100% online learning, and just seeing how he struggled last spring I got to at least try out the hybrid.”

Like many other parents, she’s not cut out to be a teacher.

“They went to school to learn how to educate, and direct things directly to individual students so it’s gonna be hard to be a teacher, and a parent at the same time,” Kate said.

Fernando will help their son when learning from home.

“Unfortunately you know this is a new norm,” Fernando said. “We all have to learn how to maneuver through this, and hopefully we through this together.”

The District is giving out about 9,000 Chromebooks this week. Parents also receive technical support if the computer doesn’t work, but students we talked to want something more.

Hunter Farrell, 3rd grader: “I don’t really do a good job at home.”

Patrick Moussignac: “You rather be at school?”

Farrell: “Yeah.”

Moussignac: “Tell us why?”

Farrell: “Because I have friends there.”

The same holds true for 6th grader Jimmy Duong.

“In a classroom, I actually have friends there, but at home, it’s just really hard to concentrate,” Duong said.

Chromebooks will be distributed until the beginning of next week.