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Smash Room at Recreo in Rochester



Rochester, New York – On Thursday, Mayor Malik Evans announced the grand opening of a new venue on East Avenue that allows people to order a drink and take out their frustrations by smashing old electronics.

The new venue — called Recreo — is a combination of a bar and a smash room.

According to Officials of Recreo, in addition to serving cocktails and food, and hosting skeeball leagues, game nights, and live music, the venue also hosts a smash room.

Customers at the venue can sign up to enter the smash room and smash old electronics while drinking beverages – with appropriate protections, officials said.

According to Mayor Evans, who attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, this is a good way for the business to invest in the city.

“When somebody opens up a business in the city, that means that they are taking a chance on the city. They’re making an investment in the city saying hey you know what – I’m going to be here in the east end. Not only am I going to just come and shop here – live here – but I’m going to set up a business.”