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New York

Seniors in rural New York face growing isolation



New York – According to a new report by AARP, older people in rural parts of New York face unique challenges.

Older New Yorkers living in rural communities are struggling to access basic health care services and dealing with issues related to isolation, The AARP group says.

“All these things are really critical to a person’s well-being and the quality of their life,” said Beth Finkel, the state director for the AARP in New York. “If you can’t see a physician on a regular basis that is monitoring your health, you don’t know when you’re in that most critical position.”

According to AARP, those rural communities are trending older as young people move away. The report calls for policies that address this in communities. It also looks to address the lack of caregivers in communities like these.

“They support the local businesses, they pay their local property taxes, so it’s in the best interest of counties, the state, everyone to keep people at home as long as possible,” Finkel added.