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Rugby tournament held by Rochester Renegades in honor of a former teammate



Henrietta, New York – A player who committed suicide was commemorated at a rugby competition held in Henrietta.

More than 300 participants collected money in honor of Megan Trutt.

In 2023, Megan Trutt committed suicide. As a tribute to Trutt and to raise awareness, her friends and teammates organized the first-ever rugby competition in her honor.

“We just want to make sure everyone’s aware that there’s someone here with you, and the world is a better place with them in it,” said Becky Stoloski, the Rochester Renegades vice president.

Megan’s number was retired as a special gesture for the event to honor her.

“We have them all hung up to memorialize that and show that you know eight is always her number forever,” said Hannah Emminger, the Rochester Renegades club president.

Even though they are saddened by his passing, Megan’s teammates cherish her kind disposition.

“Always someone who you could like to reach out to or like when you’re having an off day,” said Stoloski. “She was just a bright sunshine soul that just knew how to make your day a little bit better.”

The teammates of the Rochester Renegades reminded one another on Saturday to stay in touch and provide one another support.

“We in the rugby community use the phrase with you,” said Emminger. “You’ll hear people screaming with you. I’m with you, and your right, your left, whatever, but you have that voice behind you. So we hold that really near and dear to our heart.”

Donations honoring the life and legacy of the Megan Trutt American Society for Suicide Prevention Campaign will be made during the event.