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Rochester volunteers head to Ukraine to give supplies



Rochester, New York – Over a million refugees have left Ukraine since the war began, according to the United Nations, but many others stay behind without food, basic supplies, or a place to live.

“We collected a lot of medical supplies and tactical. Right now, we have four to five hundred pounds worth stuffed into our bags and we’re planning on bringing it over,” said Cameron Knaub, Co-founder of Guardians of Hope.

On Sunday, Knaub is heading to Poland.

According to Knaub, in just two and a half days, his organization raised over $92,000 to buy supplies when they arrive.

“There’s a lot of things you can’t figure out until you get there. When we get on the ground on Monday around 1 p.m., the plan is to get our trucks and drive down the border between Poland and Ukraine,” said Knaub.

Then they’ll make their way into Lviv. In recent days, the city has seen thousands of refugees.

“I know that when we start this trip, I need to plan on not sleeping much, not knowing where I’m sleeping, being cold, being hungry, and that’s going to be okay. I only have to do it for 13 or 14 days. There are folks that are doing it for much, much longer,” said Knaub.

According to a volunteer, he knows the risks of going to Ukraine, but when he thinks about his own children, he knows what he has to do. “Every day I’ve spent five to 10 minutes crying and thinking about how thankful I am that my kids aren’t over there, but then that forces me to think, what can I do to help the kids that are, so that’s a big reason why we’re going over there,” said Knaub.

Knaub’s hoping he’ll have a lasting impact on the war-ridden country.

“I really feel like love changes things and if I can love on other people, the way Jesus has loved on me, then I can make a difference in the world and I think that’s what Ukraine needs right now,” said Knaub.