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Rochester remembers 80 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor



Rochester, N.Y. — Tuesday morning at the Rochester Yacht Club, the Monroe County American Legion hosted its annual Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony.

The ceremony marked the 80 years since the attack, which led to the United States getting involved in World War II.

According to organizers, it is hard to believe there are any local Pearl Harbor survivors remaining, but say it’s important to make sure the day is never forgotten.

“With Pearl Harbor as well as 9/11, many kids in school now weren’t even born when 9/11 happened, so to them, it’s not even a memory, it’s a history lesson,” said Commander Tom Puff. ‘So we want to, those of us who are alive today, make sure that we teach them the lessons of the past so that hopefully we won’t repeat them in the future.”

The ceremony included eight tolls of a U.S. Navy ship deck bell from World War II.

Before a moment of silence, a wreath was placed in the water.