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Rochester police will be more visible over Memorial Day weekend in Charlotte



Rochester, New York – For Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people will swarm the Charlotte neighborhood, and the local authorities want both residents and guests to be safe.

Over the holiday weekend, the Rochester Police Department intends to have more officers on duty, including police from other agencies.

They’ll be concentrating on safety and traffic control. Preventing bottlenecks and maintaining traffic flow are the main objectives.

Mary Lemon, who often visits Ontario Beach Park, is pleased to learn that additional officers would be present this weekend.

“People’s safety always should be first priority as like a city or community, so that would be wonderful,” said Lemon. “It’ll help families, children feel safe, and it will be a great weekend to be like in this location.”

The city has recently seen an increase in complaints regarding ATVs and dirt bikes racing on public roads ahead of the holiday weekend.

“It’s a tough area, traffic-wise,” Rochester Police Captain Nathan Cornell said. “We do see a lot of traffic congestion, (with) really only two ways in and out.”

This weekend, a lot of motorcycles and ATVs will be seen in Charlotte in addition to tourists and visitors. According to Cornell, they will be observed by police in the Lake Avenue corridor.

“We’re mindful of that,” Cornell said. “We have a traffic flow plan. Should we hit a capacity that we feel is unsafe, we may shut down traffic for a short time depending on what it looks like.”

Additionally, Cornell forbids drivers from burning out, swerving between other vehicles, speeding, and causing traffic jams at crossings. It is requested that anyone seeing any criminal behavior dial 911.

“We just ask the public to be aware, because there’s going to be ATV’s and other vehicles being driven recklessly and so we will do what we can to stop that from happening,” Cornell said. “But if they’re out there, our message to the public is to be aware and to be careful.”