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Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates ushers 100th birthday



Rochester, New York – On Saturday, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performed a unique concert in honor of a special person.

It wasn’t a visiting dignitary or a famous artist. It was for Ginny Wilterdink, who has volunteered for over half of her life.

Ginny Wilterdink will turn 100 in a few days. For 40 of those years, she has worked as a volunteer for the RPO.

She views the group as representing much more than just top-notch music.

“The RPO, they have nourished me. That’s why I’m here,” said Ginny. “Music has always been important to me. Getting involved with the RPO probably saved my life.”

When she was 22 years old, she relocated from Maine to Rochester. She claims that Rochester, New York was the best choice for her and her husband after serving in the Army Nursing Corps during World War II.”We became a part of the community, you can’t find a better place than the Rochester area,” said Wilterdink.

She enjoys music, but there is something that has a much deeper meaning.”Being involved with all the people, the ushers, and the audience. Some of the audience comes in and they shake my hand, they greet me, they know me.”