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Rochester Main Street Armory cancels controversial Reawaken America Tour



Rochester, New York — According to the owner of the Main Street Armory, he’s called off an event after controversy, including threats to himself and his staff.

The Reawaken America Tour was scheduled for Aug. 12 and 13 in Rochester.

It hosts speakers on “freedom, faith, family, health and conservative family values,” according to organizers.

Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, is one of the tour’s backers.

Armory owner Scott Donaldson announced Monday he had canceled the event. In a statement, he writes:

“I’d like to say that the Main Street Armory is an equal opportunity and non-political venue. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, etc.”

“I believe everyone has the right to their own opinions and beliefs.”

“(In response) to the outpour(ing) of concern from our community, both good and bad, I have decided after careful thought to cancel The Reawaken America Tour that was scheduled in August 2022.”

“I have always appreciated the support from our city and I believe it is my turn to show my support back.”

“I hope to see you all at future events here.”

“(Apart from the ones who have threatened myself and staff, you are not welcome)”

Saying they would boycott playing there, the bands Japanese Breakfast and Joywave spoke out against the event on social media.

According to Rochester City Councilman Michael Patterson, he worked with Mayor Malik Evans and the venue operator to get the tour canceled. A statement put out by Patterson reads in part:

“From the first announcement that this event was coming to our City, I knew this was not something that belonged in Rochester,” said Councilmember Michael A. Patterson. “I joined many folks who wanted to find a way to stop or prohibit this event from taking place, but I knew the First Amendment would not allow for any type of prohibition so we needed to find another path. We found a way by working together to build the consensus needed to get this event canceled and I am grateful that we got it done. Rosemary Rivera (Co-Executive Director of Citizen Action NY), Mayor Evans, and his team worked to bring us here today and I am grateful for their work and their partnership. I also want to thank Scott Donaldson and his team at the Armory for sitting with us, for hearing our message, and for taking the appropriate action to cancel this event.”