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Rochester Fire Department responds to two separate fires



Rochester, New York – On Saturday, firefighters responded to two separate reports of fires in Rochester on Steele Street and Lyell Avenue.

According to the Rochester Fire Department, they responded to the scrap yard on Steele Street in the morning, where they saw a fire in a large pile of scrap metal.

Firefighters, along with staff members, worked to take down the fire, which took approximately half an hour.

According to the Rochester Fire Department, the cause of this fire remains under investigation.

After reports of flames coming from the roof of a business, firefighters responded to Lyell Avenue. They arrived and discovered the fire involved the roof of an enclosed basement entry. In approximately 10 minutes, they were able to extinguish the fire.

According to RFD investigators, the cause of the fire was a carelessly discarded smoking product.

There were no injuries reported in either incident, officials said.